Fabric Details
Judo Fabric.
    Judo Top                                      Gold Weave Ju-Jitsu Top
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100% Cotton Judo Cloth specifcally desigend & manfactured for multi-pupose applications such as bed sheets, sofa cloth, Poshish, Garments specially Martial Arts uniform. Our Single & Double Weaves judo fabric are uniquely woven fabrics, and the uniforms made of our cloth are long-lasting as well as most comforable to fit. The GSM Weight of our judo fabric is perfect to take the punishment of most enthusiastic & hardworking sportsmen
Code         Description                                GSM Weight
J-101   Light Weight/ Single Weave            350
J-102   All Play/single weave                      400
J-103   Medium/single weave                     470
J-104   DC/Single Weave                           580
J-105   Semi/Double Weave                       750
J-106   Double Weave                               580
J-107   3- Star/ Double Weave                    950
J-108   5- Star/ Double Weave                  1050
J-109   4- Star/ Double Weave                  1150
J-110   2 in 1 judo & Bottom with Seam    400-800
J-111   Ju Jitsu (G old Weave ) Fabric       400-800

Bottom Fabric JUDO.
Single Line                                    Double Line
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Specially designed 100% Cotton Bottom Cloth both in Single & Double Line as well as single & Double Weaves is made of carefully selected out of the best quality cotton yern. The high standards of stript quality control at production ensure our continuous status as one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporters of martial Art Bottom Cloth.
Code                  Description                                          GSM Weight
B-101     Light Weight/Single-Line/ Single Weave        310
B-102     All Play/Single-Line/Single Weave                350
B-103     Medium/Double-Line/Single Weave               420
B-104     DC/Double-Line/Single Weave                      480
B-105     Semi/Single-Line/Single Weave                    680
B-106     Single & Double-Line/ Double Weave            720
B-107     3-Star/Double-Line/Double Weave                780
B-108     5-Star/Double-Line/Double Weave                820
B-109     7-Star/Double-Line/Double Weave                900
B-110     Bottom Tokyo (Square Design)                 All Weight

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